Guess who stayed with us a few weeks ago. Nathan Jones, Born on the Gold coast he flew in after filming Mad Max 4, the actor, Pro Wrestler & Strong man 1995 who stands at 6ft 11 in had a night in our motel. Photo with myself next Nathan. I'm 5ft 4in.


Terana & Nathan Jones


Nathan Jones


Nathan Jones

23rd August 2014


Our pool is being drained for Refurbishment. 8 hours to drain, but the rain is coming down filling it up. Monday they start with the sand blasting, photos to follow.  


So by Monday the 25th The reno started. 1st the guys sandblasted the pool see pic.

They then re lived the pool with Fibre glass resin to seal and re coat the pool. After a few days of this and a few coats the final sparkeley layer went on to give this beautiful finish look.

And the to re fill the pool.

9.20 -16.30. then again 21.30 till 5.50 am the again 9.30 till .... at 14.21 its still not at the 1st step. and no rain insight.


August 2014 the Pool being sand blasted. ready for the fibreglass.


Pool reno, new fibre glass lining Sept 2014. 


pool being painted


Filling the Pool after the Reno. 

Claude from the Charity Bravehearts, rest his very walked legs last night. He is on his 15 day walk from Tweed Head to Hope Island twice. This is to raise money for the Abused children. For more info please look Claude the mover man up of Facebook


Claude the Mover Man for Bravehearts Charity.

17/9/14  Pest Control carried out in ALL rooms and outside front & back.

12/12/14 Pest Control carried out pre Christmas season. Next due July.