Cancellation Policy

With booking sites we have a 2 week cancellation policy that is fully non-refundable. If you book with a holiday site you must cancel directly with them.

Book direct with us and we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Holiday period 1 week cancellation policy. This means no refunds are given if cancelled within 48 hrs or 1 week of arrival date.

We do charge a $5 admin fee with all cancellations to cover our bank costs and the refund is processed within 2 days of cancellation.

If cancelled after the allotted time we charge the first night of the booking.

For rooms which have been paid by the room size and people sleeping, if after the booked night ,less people slept in the room a refund is not given.

If booked 2 nights or more and after the first night and cancellation is required the 2nd night is still charged and there after refund given.